LifeStories - Nathan Mellalieu

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LifeStories - Nathan Mellalieu

We've started a new section on our site called 'LifeStories' - these are stories from people like yourself who have achieved their own vision of success using their values as their 'compass'. Nathan Mellalieu tells us his LifeStory here.


Happy New Year Message from Peter H. Thomas

Here we are again in the first few days of our new year with lots of new resolutions, dreams and goals. I could not help but wonder why at this time when we have so much strength in setting our goals for the year and we are so committed, do we fail so often and fall short of our dreams.

I believe it is because we lose FOCUS as our goals were not planned with our true values in mind. Right now at the beginning of the year we have our goals written down, we read them and do all the things that are required to be successful in the realization of our new goals. However, as we get back into the real world and have daily concerns and to dos to deal with, the goals that we felt were so important at the beginning of the year fall away to new found priorities, many of which sneak into your lives unexpectedly. We get into the rut of doing things that are not in alignment with what we truly value and want to accomplish for the year or in life.

If we really want to achieve our New Year's Resolutions we must have the personal commitment to plan goals that are values-driven and then keep these goals in focus through keeping them in alignment with what we truly value at all times. Keep the list simple. For example, if one of your values is health and your goal is to watch what you eat and not unconsciously put junk food in your body, the list could say: Eat Healthy. You should carry this on a piece of paper with you so that each time you stop to put food in your mouth you will automatically ask yourself "is this healthy"? I find that this system really helps me when I stop in at a coffee shop. I found that my favorite drink has become a Dopio Expresso with some foam (far less calories than Chai Tea Latte). I also no longer have a treat each time I have my coffee shot so this alone saves more than 500 calories a day.

When challenges arise in our daily schedules, we need to remind ourselves of what it is that we truly value so that we can prioritize accordingly. A good way of keeping on top of your values-driven goals is to put them right into your electronic calendar or to display them prominently on your computer desktop. For those of us who keep lists, diaries or manuals of any type, write down your goals and read them each and every day to remind yourself of what it is you truly value in order to keep your focus.

Happy New Year!

All the best to you,



Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish you all a very wonderful holiday, for those of you that celebrate this season! We want to wish all of you a very happy New Year, full of dreams come true and epiphanies that lead you to fulfilling your destiny!

Take care and all the best from all of us here at LifePilot!

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LifeDiet? It's not a fad - it's all about a refreshingly simple eating strategy for a lifetime of nutritional health

That's right! We've written a new book that's all about healthy eating. LifePilot programs are all about finding your true values and achieving balance in your life. One key factor that keeps coming up for a lot of people we meet is that health is a huge value for them. So in honour of that, Rita Thomas and Erin Holm put together a wonderful nutrition guide and cook book that is all about balanced, healthy nutrition and delectable recipes.

This is a different kind of 'diet' book. It is about what you eat to have a vibrant, healthy life. It is NOT a fad diet, nor does it encourage you to do anything other than learn the tools you need to help you make smart food choices and be more healthy. In keeping with LifeManual, it provides the tools for you. It's up to you to eat well, but it gives you tips and solutions to a balanced and healthy nutritional lifestyle.

It also has a lot of wonderful, mouth-watering recipes for you to try and enjoy!

You can get pre-sales of this book right now in our LifeManual store. Or check it out at www.lifediet.com

And as with all of our LifePilot programs, net proceeds go to our community programs and charity!


LifePilot Invests in Values-Based Leadership

Our boss, Peter H. Thomas gave $500,000 to Royal Roads University last week to create the Todd Thomas Institute for Values-Based Leadership. You can read more about this in this article from our local paper, the Times Colonist.

It was a great day. First off, Peter gave a well-received workshop to the Royal Roads Strategic Council. I had a chance to see the keynote speech that took place later on in the afternoon at Royal Roads (that's right, I tore myself away from the computer screen for a few hours!) - it was really great. A highlight of the speech was when someone asked what we do when we have values that don't necessarily align with those of our life partners? Peter turned to the audience and asked his wife Rita to answer the question. Of course, Rita stood up and did the question justice. Basically the jist of the answer was that we can learn a lot about our loved ones from learning what their values actually are. They don't have to be the same. By honouring and respecting each other's values, we can understand each other more and find ways to make our relationships even better.

That evening, Royal Roads hosted a lovely dinner for some of the staff from Royal Roads and our group from LifePilot. I have worked here for a while, and I know how much work goes into building LifePilot into an organization that can make a difference for others in the world. I also know that Peter wants to honour his son, Todd, and it was very moving to see those two elements come together so fully on that day.

I look forward to seeing what 2007 brings!

LifePilot & the Canadian Navy

LifePilot is proud to have been able to meet with and give a workshop to a large group of Canadian military personnel from CFB Esquimalt on December 12th, 2006. Peter H. Thomas donated his time to offer the LifePilot values-based course to this group. The location at Royal Roads was fitting as well, and provided a beautiful backdrop to what turned out to be an 'epiphanous' experience for many.

The workshop was a great success and there was a lot of great feedback!

"LifePilot really wakes you up to live life today and not yesterday."

"It was a profound and moving experience which really helped me focus on what us most important in life."

"I have totally enjoyed the experience and feel great about it."

"The LifePilot workshop captured me from beginning to end."

"At this point in my life this workshop was needed. I was trying to figure out what to do next, how to plan my future - LifePilot opened my eyes and mind to plan my future based on my passions in life."

"LifePilot increases self-awareness grounded in a model that is both logical and possible to follow."

"LifePilot has given me the tool to start leading the way instead of following."

"I came in wondering what new things I would learn. I never expected to realize how much I wasn’t in control of my life. This will end today."

"It was a good, positive review of what I accomplished and to confirm my next plans."

"I am a single mom of four who bought a house in Victoria. I was told that I didn’t qualify. Your workshop proves that stubborness is an asset and I think more people need to know it. FUD."


Give the Gift of Gratitude...

We wanted to find something special that we could do to brighten people's spirits this holiday season. Something that wouldn't cost anything, that would be simple to do and yet would help make someone's day a bit brighter.

Chantal came up with this lovely sentiment and we all put in some time to get this little e-mail made for you to use. Each of us sent it out to people we love and are grateful for and it felt really good to make those people's day.

So just in case you didn't get it in our newsletter - here is the 'Gratitude E-mail' for you to send out to someone who has made a difference in your life.